Resident DJ

DJ Fr33z3 (pronounced Freeze) has been DJing on and off for 10 years, however, he just recently decided to turn it into a career in 2019! Since then, he has played in venues all across Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, NYC and Miami. His passion for music of all genres and entertaining gives him the skills to rock any crowd! He draws his inspiration from fellow Philly DJs “The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff”, DJ QuestLove, and DJ Sat-One.
If you ever see him DJing, you may also hear him belting out a note from your favorite Boyz II Men song, as he also loves to sing. However, you mostly find him, spending time with friends and family, and ensuring that everyone in his presence, genuinely has a good time!

DJ Robin Hood

Resident DJ

I am DJ Robin Hood. I have ten years of experience as a DJ and audio editor with a strong foundation in recording music and narration. I am talented at mixing music, writing compositions, and producing content for the radio. I can operate a multitude of broadcasting and DJ consoles. I have a proven track record of success working with radio producers in fast- paced environments. I have good communication and writing skills and enjoy taking initiative in all my projects.

DJ Gabe

Resident DJ

Hello.. My name is DJ Gabe.. I'm a United States Marine Veteran that served a tour in the Middle East after 9/11/01.. I'm also a husband and father of 2 beautiful girls.. 

When I was a kid I would pretend to be Rick Dees while playing my dad's 45's on the family's record player.. Since then I've learned all about mixing from studying other DJ's, both on the radio and on the streets.. 

Music has always been a part of my life, and it's my belief that music is indeed the universal language, because you can express any emotion through music, even when there's no words.. 

"Music is the soundtrack of our lives.." - DJ Gabe


Resident DJ

Dj Socio has been in the industry for over 20 years, and has dj'd for many club owners and has been a part of 6 different Silent Discos. Socio is an open format dj that plays from hip hop to foot work and everything in between. Specializing in hip hop, salsa, reggeaton, merengue, bachata, and house, Socio has a great love for music that has taken him to many places, and given him opportunities to spin for E-40, Ying Yang Twins, and Juvenile and has been on a nationwide tour with a Tejano award winning artists the Krazy Pimpz. Socio is looking into the future in doing great things and has moved into production. 

DJ Leethol

Master DJ

Washington, D.C.

DJ Leethol got his start in 1982 in the DJ game. Over the years, DJ Leethol has been a resident DJ for Jasper's Bar and Grill, Presidential DJ's and others. As a mobile DJ he's traveled performing many different events. Because music is his passion, he feeds off the energy of his audience, and really gives a performance to remember. If you you need a DJ who is well rounded in different genres and also MC's. Book DJ Leethol today.

DJ Phame

Resident DJ

My name is Joe Furnari aka DJ Phame, I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. I have accomplished so much and have plenty more to offer. Being a DJ in the hottest clubs and venues was the start of it all. As time went by things grew into new ideas. I got to DJ all over New York. This Included Hampton's, Manhattan, and the rest of New York City. There were also two clubs on Fire Island I got to DJ, which was Casino Bar at Davis Park and Watch Hill. 
Clubs to private parties I have done it all. I became a mix show DJ on a local Long Island FM radio station (94.3fm) 94x. I loved doing radio so much that I was featured on some internet radio stations. I even got a chance to host my own show on a big long island Internet radio station. Haven my own show I got a chance to interview hip-hop artists such as Papoose and Cuban Links, as well as house artist Lucas Prata. I then moved to Florida where I got a chance to DJ in St Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota/Bradenton, Clearwater, Indian Rock Beach, Spring Hill, New Port Richey, and Lutz. No matter what type of music is needed at an event I can perform. I can play everything and anything. You name it Hip Hop, Reggae R&B, House (any format), oldies, even DJ music videos. I also had a chance to DJ for some celebrities when they were guests at events, such as Kim Kardashian, Kel Mitchell, and reality shows like Real World and Bad Girls Club. As time went on I became a host for trivia nights in Florida. I was also featured in a Seth Rogan film and did a music lover Pandora commercial. I recently received my bachelor's degree in Music Production at Full Sail University. These are just a few things I had accomplished as a DJ and my career in entertainment. I been a DJ for over 15 years now and will not stop entertaining others.